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We are the developers of the liveCode add on animationEngine

What's new in 4.0
Version 4 of animationEngine ensures compatibility with iOS devices and, as far as possible, compliance with Apples AppStore.

AppStore compliance
We rewrote parts of AE, that could potentially cause applications using AE to be rejected. Everything inside AE behaves like a nice appstore citizen now.

Multitouch constraining
Previous versions of AE relied on mouse messages being sent to constrained controls using either the constrainLinear, constrainCircular, constrainRectangular or constrainElliptical properties. Major parts of the library have been reworked to support constrained dragging of controls on iOS devices. The implementation in AE 4 now allows dragging multiple controls at the same time on iOs devices. No changes to the syntax were necessary. You can simply set any of the constrain properties and have all of them react on the device.

New command aeScrollTo
The command aeScrollTo has been introduced into animationEngine. This command allows to scroll a group or field in both x and y direction at the same time.

aeScrollTo pControl,pNewHScroll,pNewVScroll,pDuration,[pMethod]

the first parameter is a long reference to a group or field pNewHscroll and pNewVScroll are the desired new values for the scroll of the control pDuration is the time needed to reach the new scroll value in milliseconds pMethod: the easing method used to calculate the transition or empty. Valid methods are: in,out,inOut,bounce or overshoot

Changes to aeEnterFrame and aeExitFrame
Both messages are now being sent with an additional parameter that holds the command that called aeEnterFrame or aeExitFrame.

Specific Bug fixes
In previous versions of animationEngine setting the constrainLinear of a control did not reset the other constraining properties. This could cause execution to halt with a recursion limit reached error.

Movement any-which-way you want it
Animation Engine offers you functions and handlers to move objects, exactly as you desire. Create: Linear, movement, polygonal movement, circular movement, elliptical movement and start and stop the action at any time under scripted control. Simultaneously move different controls at different speeds for sophisticated "parallax"-style movements. Increase or decrease object speed. Control any aspect of object movement e.g. the centre point of a circular path. You can move your objects on complex paths, and even move existing motion paths along secondary paths! Change the path at anytime under scripted control.

Easy to add impressive motion effects
With Animation Engine, it's easy for you to add impressive motion effects to your multimedia titles. Get help and examples by working through the tutorials you find in the accompanying stack. Let Animation Engine help you detecting circle-circle collisions, circle-line collisions or even pixel precise collisions for images. You have access to different collision test routines. It does not stop there
Add easing effects to your stack and even animate color transitions. animationEngine is a liveCode extension you do not want to be without! Make learning fun and meaningful
Animation Engine is great for teaching and learning too - let it loose in a classroom and watch students learn by having fun.

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