derbrill IT-service
Malte Pfaff-Brill

Malte Pfaff - Brill is the founder of derbrill IT-service. He studied Mediadesign in Hamburg and works as Human Inteface Designer and Leadprogrammer since 2002.

Carsten Meifort

Carsten Meifort joined derbrill in 2009. He is responsible for System analytics, Data integrity and schemata.

About derbrill

derbrill is a full-service IT agency located near Rendsburg, Germany.

We are building software for people since 2002. Our highest priority is that our programs can be used intuitively. We are specialized in producing server front-ends, interactive manuals, computer-based-training, games as advertising medium and tailor made software solutions. All of our software is cross-platform by design.

Main focus of our work is the person, never the machine. We are listening to what you have to say! Where other companies see problems, we are finding a solution. We break technical barriers and work on input masks until you feel comfortable with the software we are devoping for you. Service beyond the requirement specification. An enthusiastic, agile and flexbile team is here to take care of your software needs. Trust our know-how, like other well-known companies from the advertising industry, software industry, medical engineering, science and research already do.

To contact us:

derbrill IT-service, Malte Pfaff-Brill
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